Contact Lens Diameter: What is the Right Size?

Oct 20, 2023

Contact Lens Size: “Diameter” Meaning Diameter, in the context of contact lenses, refers to the edge-to-edge measurement of a lens. It plays a crucial role in ensuring a proper fit on the wearer’s cornea, contributing to…

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What Does Base Curve or “BC” for Contact Lenses Mean?

Oct 20, 2023

When it comes to wearing contact lenses, comfort and fit are key factors to ensure optimal vision and eye health. One crucial aspect that dictates these factors is the ‘base curve’, often abbreviated as BC. Though…

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What Does “Power” or “PWR” Mean in a Contact Lens Prescription?

Jul 17, 2023

In order for us to see, light enters the eye through the cornea, goes through the pupil, and then must focus perfectly on a single pinpoint spot on the retina in the back of the eye…

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Contacts vs. Glasses Prescriptions: Are they the Same?

Oct 31, 2022

Contacts vs. Glasses Prescriptions: Are they the Same? Contact lens prescriptions and glasses prescriptions are not the same, although they do have many similarities.  Many of the measurements and values that are needed for a valid…

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Types of Contact Lenses (Style)

Oct 30, 2022

Do Contact Lenses Come in Different Styles? Yes. The most common type of contact lens worn today is the disposable contact lens, but it is not the only type of lens.  In the past, rigid gas…

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What Does Your Contact Lens Prescription Mean?

Dec 29, 2021

What does your contact lens prescription mean? An eye doctor breaks it down.

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What is a Valid Eye Prescription?

Oct 1, 2021

Understanding the Importance of a Valid Prescription for Purchasing Contact Lenses For those who rely on contact lenses for clear vision, having a valid eye prescription is of utmost importance. This written document contains all the…

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