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How to take care of your contacts 2

10 Rules for How to Take Care of Your Contacts, Straight From Your Eye Doctor

Aug 26, 2022

Before you wear contact lenses for the first time, itโ€™s important to know how to properly care for them. Improper wear of contact lenses can actually lead to complicationsโ€”from not being able to wear contacts in the future to something as serious as permanent vision loss.  I know that sounds scary, but fortunately, taking care…

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What to expect at your eye exam

What to Expect at Your Eye Exam

Jul 28, 2022

If this is your first trip to the eye doctorโ€™s, here is what to expect at your eye exam and some tips to get the most out of your exam.

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Contact lens care and hydration.

When In Doubt, Take Your Contacts Out!

Dec 27, 2021

Do you have red eyes? Here’s what it might mean. Many contact lens wearers experience occasional irritation. But if you have red or irritated eyes, Dr. Wallington has one piece of advice for you: when in doubt, take those contacts out. What to Do If Your Eyes Are Red and You Wear Contacts Your first…

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