Q: Will my doctor give me my contact lens Rx?

A: Yes, if your contact lens Rx is finalized. Actually, every eye doctor MUST give you a copy of your finalized contact lens Rx. If they did not, then either they made a mistake, or you did not complete the fit. If the fit is not complete, you may have to call or make an appointment to complete the fit.

Q: How do I get DeliverContacts.com my script?

A: You have four options here! Please feel free to send your script over using any of these methods.

1. Upload a copy of your script when you checkout

2. Send a copy to hello@delivercontacts.com with your order # indicated

3. text an image with your cell phone to 810-529-3660 with your order # indicated

4. fax your script to 810-667-4770.

If you would like Deliver Contacts to reach out to your doctor for you, choose "Option 2" at checkout to give us authorization to do so, and give us contact information for your doctor's office.

Q: Does DeliverContacts.com accept insurance?

A; Deliver Contacts is partnered with Visual Eyes out of Lapeer, MI. Visual Eyes is a full service private family practice that has been in business since 1999. They will have the same pricing that DeliverContacts.com. To use Visual Eyes, it is best to email them with your Rx, contact details, and order interest at visualeyes@delivercontacts,com, so they can get with back to you during their normal business hours (Tues-Thur 9-6, Fri 9-2, Sat 8-12 EST) with the majority of the order ready to go. Visual Eyes's office number is 810-667-4777 if you'd like to call first.

Q: Can I just use my glasses script?

A: No. A contact lens Rx has many different components to it as compared to a glasses Rx, and often requires a manipulation of the script that is not obvious to the wearer.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Yes, but the product may still deliver. As soon as you make an order, we process that order directly into the manufacturer's system. The manufacturer creates a shipping request soon after. If we do not stop the order before it reaches shipping, then it may be too late. Sometimes there is a window for stopping the shipment, and we can simply press a button to delete the order before the manufacturer processes it into shipping, but at other times it moves so fast that we can not. Regardless, even if the order does deliver to you after you cancel, we will email a UPS return slip for you to print and tape on the unopened package, and return to us without any fee.

Q: What is DeliverContacts.com return policy?

A: We will return or exchange any unopened/undamaged/untampered box that you have purchased from us for full credit. Just email (hello@delivercontacts.com) or text (810-529-3600) with your return/exchange request along with your name and the order number, and we will follow up with instructions for returns. 

Q: Who owns DeliverContacts.com?

A: Married optometrists, Edwin R. Wallington, OD and Sonya D. Wallington, OD, are co-owners of Deliver Contacts. They met and married while at Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, Illinois in May of 1997.

Q: Can I use an expired script?

A: No. Even if the Rx is one day past expiration, exceptions can not be made. Contact lens orders are regulated by the FDA and FTC, and we follow their guidelines.

Q: How do I get in touch with a person at DeliverContacts.com?

A: Call us at 810-529-3660. If we dont answer, leave a message and we will be quick to return your call. If you want, you can text us at 810-529-3660 or email us at hello@delivercontacts.com with a request for us to call you directly.

Q: What are your hours of business?

A: We are open 24/7. Now, that doesn't mean that we will always answer the phone (especially during sleep hours - we are in the Eastern Time Zone), but the website, phone lines, texts, email, and faxes will be answered promptly every day.

Q: How does DeliverContacts.com have such low prices?

A: Deliver Contacts' prices are so low because our price markup is extremely low by design. Our intent is to offer the lowest constant price without games or gimmicks AND combine that with the best consistent service. Our hope is that this strategy will earn the trust of the entire United States. They realize that even with low profit, extreme customer volume will make for a successful business.

Q: Does DeliverContacts.com price match?

A: No. We do not try to attract customers by "stealing" somebody else's current offer. Instead, we offer ALWAYS LOW prices that other's special offers usually can not beat. Like we have stated many times before, we don't play games with our prices. They are as low as we can go, and there they will always remain.

Q: Can I apply special codes for discounts with DeliverContacts.com?

A: No. Our prices are ALWAYS LOW, and we did not leave room for special codes.

Q: How long does it take for my contacts to deliver with FREE DELIVERY?

A: 4-8 days is typical ship time, with average being about 6 days. However, since lenses are shipped directly from the manufacturer, there are times when an order may be backlogged (as the nation experienced at the end of 2022 and early 2023 with Acuvue products) or backordered. In these cases, we send trials from our stock to account for delays beyond 10 days.

Q: How long does "RAPID DELIVERY" take, and why is it $14.00?

A: If an order is received before noon, then the order is likely to be received the next day by the customer. If the order is received after noon, then the order is likely to be delivered to the customer the following day. If the order is placed on a Friday before noon, then the order will likely be shipped on Monday. If order is made Friday afternoon, then the order may not process until Monday, and, therefore, ship on Tuesday. Weekend orders (Saturday & Sunday) will not be delivered until Tuesday. Always exclude Saturday and Sunday in your calculations - orders (usually) will not deliver on Saturday or Sunday (so exclude them from the day count like they don't even exist). When an order is made on Saturday or Sunday, it does not process until Monday, and is expected to be delivered on Tuesday. As you can see, expressing shipping times precisely is complicated, especially when you have to account for different manufacturer shipping policies. That is why we just call it "RAPID DELIVERY" (calling it overnight can be misleading).

Q: What is the Acuvue backlog?

A: Acuvue experienced an unprecedented backlog of orders due to multiple components at the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023. From our understanding, the backlog had various factors, which included: hurricane damage, shipping company issues, consumer demand, difficulty recruiting quality shipping staff, and a new product launch (Acuvue Oasys MAX). As the backlog grew, Acuvue had to deny all expedited shipping. Be aware that Acuvue has patiently endured the hardships of the problems that they faced, and has been recovering back to a faster service, but overnight shipping is still not available.