Types of Contact Lenses (Style)

Do Contact Lenses Come in Different Styles?

Yes. The most common type of contact lens worn today is the disposable contact lens, but it is not the only type of lens. 

In the past, rigid gas permeable and yearly soft lenses were more common, but now are used by very few patients in comparison and only prescribed by eye doctors in special circumstances. 

But even within the most common soft disposable contact lenses, there are many different wear schedules, corrective designs, and other variations for you and your doctor to choose from.

Contacts Style Factors (Are there other Factors to Consider when Deciding?)

There are many options to consider when identifying the right contacts for you. These factors contain things such as:

  • Oxygen transmissibility
  • Water content
  • Lens material 

Also, different designs of contacts have various forms of technology in them as well. These modern technologies are aimed to accommodate certain vision issues or certain wearers. Such technology may include:

  • UV light blocking
  • Blue light blocking
  • Increased comfort agents
  • Different optical zone designs

What Types of Contacts are There?

The most common disposable contact option types can be thrown away at different intervals. Most commonly, disposable contacts come in the following wear schedules:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly

One-day contacts use seems to be the design that is growing the fastest presently due to their convenience and health advantages. 

A lens that you throw away each day tends to be thinner, limits the amount of potential buildup, simplifies care requirements, and reduces the cost of contact lens solution needs.

Types of contacts that correct different vision issues include:

  • Spherical error – one off-point of focus in the back of the eye when looking far away
  • Astigmatism – two separated points of focus in the back of the eye when looking far away
  • Presbyopia – multifocals that help people over forty who have lost their ability to focus from far to near

Some contacts are approved to be slept in (called extended wear), while others are not approved (daily wear). This tends to be not only limited to the breathability of a contact lens, but also to the willingness of a company to request FDA approval of their lens for such a purpose.

How Do I Know What Type of Contacts I Need?

There are so many different options in the different styles to consider, it is better to have a discussion with your eye doctor to finalize the decision. Careful analysis during an eye exam will help determine the best options for you.

One-day contacts make a lot of sense but are not always the best choice for every budget or individual. Increased oxygen transmission is also recommended for maximal breathability, but not all materials provide equal comfort to everyone. 

Again, you should talk to a specialist about your specific needs to guide you to the best contact lens style for you. They can help ensure that your ideal style is compatible with your lens prescription.

How Can DeliverContacts.com Help Me Decide Upon the Best Style for Me?

DeliverContacts.com has many different articles discussing different contact lens options and styles. Each contact lens product we offer also includes descriptions and product information about each style. 

However, Deliver Contacts recognizes the value of the guidance of your eye care professional in helping you find the contact that is best for you. 

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