Online Contact Lens Price Comparison

Online Contact Lens Price Comparison

We performed a ranking of ten online contact lens price comparisons from companies selling contacts online to see who had the lowest price for one 24-pack of the most widely sold contact lens in the United States and the world, Acuvue Oasys. Our “lowest price” includes sale price, shipping, handling, fees, and taxes.

These prices were obtained by going onto each site and creating a fee slip right up to the point of payment processing on September 7, 2022. Our results may surprise you. We ranked them from lowest bottom-line price to highest bottom-line price. Our results may surprise you.

Acuvue Oasys (24-pack) “Bottom-Line” Online Contact Lens Price Comparison

RankOnline Contact Lens CompanyTotal PriceWhat’s Included$94.63$89.27 + $5.36 tax$102.90$89.95 + $12.95 shipping        $105.93$65.24 + $30.74 taxes and fees + 9.95 shipping$106.90$98.95 + $7.95 shipping$110.23$103.99 + $6.24 tax$111.29$104.99 + $6.30 fees$116.48$109.98 + $6.59 tax$127.18$119.98 + $7.20 tax$139.66$131.75 + $7.91 tax/fee$154.99$154.99
Online contact lense price comparison

If you’re looking for the best value when doing an online contact lens price comparison, the choice is clear–or at least, it will be, as soon as you order your contacts!