2 Things You Should Never Do If You Wear Contacts

Things you should never do if you wear contact lenses

To help you be a responsible contact lens wearer, here are two things you should never do if you wear contacts—straight from Edwin Wallington, OD. Wearing contact lenses means you need to be responsible with your eyes and lenses because if you don’t, it can damage both your contact lenses and your eyes. We all…

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Online Contact Lens Price Comparison

Online contact lens price comparison

We performed a ranking of ten online contact lens price comparisons from companies selling contacts online to see who had the lowest price for one 24-pack of the most widely sold contact lens in the United States and the world, Acuvue Oasys. Our “lowest price” includes sale price, shipping, handling, fees, and taxes. These prices…

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When In Doubt, Take Your Contacts Out!

Contact lens care and hydration.

Quite often, people use the term “red eye” or “pink eye” to suggest a contagious eye infection. Red or pink describes the color of the ocular tissue and indicates that the eye is combating a problem, but it does not identify the irritant (only a trained professional with the proper magnifying equipment, such as your eye…

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The Big 4 Contact Lens Companies & delivercontacts.com

A large goldfish in a small bowl, and a small goldfish in a large bowl.

Deliver Contacts uses four major companies for their contact lens distribution. These manufacturers include Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue), Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, and Coopervision. Each of them exceed expectations on contact lens design and development, and each distributes high quality contact lens products. Which brand is right for you should be determined between you and…

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“Wear” and “Be Aware”

Contacts are an enjoyable form of vision correction, but be aware that they come with ocular risks, even when proper contact lens care is followed. If contact lens instructions are not followed, then those risks become even greater. Therefore, please follow all contact lens rules to limit such risks, and remove contacts immediately if any…

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What is a Valid Prescription

According to the FDA.gov website: “When you get an eye exam, the prescriber is required to give you a copy of your contact lens prescription when the fitting is complete, even if you don’t ask for it. You can use this prescription at another vendor or to order contact lenses on the Internet, over the…

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